Monday, June 1, 2009

Neighbors rally to tackle Greenville graffiti

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Posted Jun 01, 2009 @ 11:09 AM
Bellefonte, Del. —

Concerned neighbors gathered in late May to address a growing problem: road signs, trees and fences marred with graffiti along beautiful country lanes

The Stonewold community crew cleaned street signs, guardrails and trees along Barley Mill Road, Centerville Road, Rte. 82 and Owl’s Nest Road on May 23. But before that, anti-graffiti brigade leaders Charles Stirk and William Wheatley trained them on cleaning methods and safety along the curvy roads.

“We’ve got real momentum locally in addressing this problem as more and more citizens get involved and learn how to take action into their own hands,” said Stirk, president of the Brookland Terrace Civic Club.

Kirsten Hauer and her daughter Ava spent the morning on Barley Mill, because she doesn’t like seeing graffiti every day on her way to work and wanted to chip in to help address the scourge.

Effort organizer Michael Fleming agreed, saying that “senseless graffiti is so ugly and unsightly, it cannot be ignored.”

County Councilman Bob Weiner, a leader in the fight against graffiti in Brandywine Hundred and Greenville, commended the crew.

“By working together, citizens can have a real impact,” he said.

Tips on tackling your neighborhood graffiti

* If you see it, immediately call police or DelDOT.
* Clean graffiti quickly: the longer it sits, the harder it is to remove.
* Look for safe, natural cleaning products.
* Stay clear of DelDOT traffic control devices, power lines and utility boxes.

For more information, write or call 302-463-2239.

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