Sunday, October 6, 2013

BR1-718 Churchmans Road at I-95

"1961/2 Dodge Lancer.  It was the Dodge companion car to the Plymouth
Valiant.  In the late 1950s the Big Three were caught unaware of the
public's desire for smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.  As Detroit build
larger tanks, American Motors had a wildly successful line of smaller
family sedans, and European cars (such as the VW) had skyrocketing sales.
To combat the sales incursion, the 1960 model year saw the introduction of
three compact, fuel-efficient cars: the Ford Falcon, the Chevrolet
Corvair, and the Plymouth Valiant/Dodge Lancer.  All three were very
successful." .. "The Valiant/Lancer also saw the introduction of one of Chrysler's greatest
engines: the slant 6. Prior to that Chrysler's standard 6 cylinder engine
was a relic dating back to the early '30s. The slant six allowed the
engine to be placed in smaller engine compartments of lower height, all
while delivering more horsepower more economically.  It was virtually
indestructible, easily modified for high performance (and had some success
in racing), and very easy to maintain.  Variations of the slant 6 were
produced well into the 1990s. "  Jim Shulman

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