Monday, October 5, 2009

Graffiti Clean Up BTCC Anti Graffiti Brigade Kirkwood , Route 1 & Salem Church Road .

We had a busy week cleaning ...

Friday we cleaned Kirkwood Hwy from Wilmington to 141

Every Thing was cleaned or treated .... Elsmere & Brack-Ex-Roselle are all clear along Kirkwood Hwy

We went over Red Mill Road with 1.5 nap rollers to get inside the waffling

Route 7 in Stanton

Of note SPA of the Sud crew is still out painting , There were seven of these .

Kirkwood Hwy 141 to Limestone Road .

We also did several of the access roads to Route 1 this is SB1-306

at Kirkwood St.Georges Road

1.5 nap rollers were not enough to get into the get inside the waffling .

We painted under the North side of the Roth Bridge as well . Of Note there is a lot of traffic on Lorewood Grove Rd .

We also hit a bunch of small bridges on Salem Church Road from Route 40 to Route 72I believe it was five ...

If any one has empty Soy Clean bottles we could use them , We are having issues finding good
refillable spray bottles for the Certol Graffiti Remover .

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