Monday, October 26, 2009

N. Harmony Rd Newark - Barley Mill - Old Capitol Trail - Route 41 - Roth Bridge South of the C&D Canal

N. Harmony Rd Newark

After New Castle County Community Services Unit Officer Browning let us know that Officer Snead had heard complaints at a civic meeting about the graffiti & alerted us that the fence was Del Dot property , Senator Karen E. Peterson & Bill Thatcher DelDOT North District also confimed this as well .

We did a first primer coat of the graffiti .

We will follow with another primer coat of the whole fence when we get primer from Del DOT .

Stephanie Rizzo Legislative Aide Councilman Tim Sheldon has all ready volunteered to help

Then we will do a final coat of paint of beige .

We hope to partner with surrounding communities to do a final paint on approximately November 14 or 15 as well as find some one to do graffiti cover up if necessary

Newkirk Estates has a meeting on November 10 we hope to go to .

Over the past year none of our test paint overs along Harmony , Red Mill , Ogletown Road & 273 have not been re tagged by graffiti vandals .

Of Note : Graffiti Crew PT or Public Terrorist that did the large piece will be the same group of guys helping to painting the fence , READ as well will be there painting over

Lorewood Grove Rd & Chesapeake & Delaware Canal Bridge / Senator William V. Roth, Jr Bridge South of the C&D Canal

All new Graffiti

Of Note: BR stands for Big Rock .

Route 71 at Route 1

New Graffiti at Pike Creek & Upper Pike Creek Rd irritatingly this bridge keeps getting tagged monthly .

Harrison Ave Old Capitol Trail

Route 41 & Old Lancaster Pike

5225 Old Capitol Trail Marshallton
Old Capitol Trail & Telegraph Rd

Older Graffiti 2100 Barley Mill Rd test of the cold galvanization product

1690 Ashland Clinton School Rd

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